WXP Pricing and Promo Management

We have been developing Retailer and Vendor price and promotion solutions in the cloud for over 20 years.  We work with clients to customise a solution that fits in with their unique business processes and trade relationships. 

During every engagement, we have recognised the need for flexibility and ease of use and found that almost, without exception, users exporting and manipulating data in Excel. We have embraced this standard and developed a flexible and familiar client using Excel as a Portal to our enterprise data warehouse in Snowflake.

WXP (Wiibit Excel Portal) 

Your customised WXP will transform your Category team and integration with internal and external partners in the promotions planning process, removing day to day complexity in all collaborative areas of your business with our best practice mobile and desktop tools.




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Laptop Work

National Home Appliance Retailer

Implemented WiiBit WXP to provide total Promotion Management and Insights simplifying and automating the total category view and end to end process across multiple business functions including marketing and supply chain.

Carpenter at Work


DIY Support office needed to centralise promotions and pricing management across multiple retail outlets and collaborate directly with suppliers across the retail estate.


Supermarket Retailer wanted to more uptake on consumer offers and enhanced supplier engagement.  WiiBit provided a total end to end vendor platform for all promotions insights and submissions.