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Proof of Value

If you are not fully satisfied we will give you your investment back

We will work with you and your organisation to complete a proof of value (POV). We integrate with your organisation Messaging platform of choice ensuring strategic alignment and keeping you in control of your data and security. If you don't have one, or in some cases have too many, don't worry we will help you find the best fit and platform for your organisation

Using our WiiBit methodology we set up collaboration messaging groups which will engage everyone in your selected audience and ensure they feel like they are part of the solution not part of the problem.  To effectively change an organisations culture we must be able to measure and monitor the insights into what people are messaging about.  This is live and in real-time providing true insights into the topics, sentiment and priority of what is being discussed.

We work with organisations to customise our solution to their specific needs and focus on retaining and building human goodwill which is your organisation's most important asset.

It not to say that everything you raise may be changed as it might just be your point of view. With WiiBit you will be able to see not only your perspective but everyone's in a transparent but anonymous way using our Mobile WiiBit App and AI to deliver real-time insights and feedback.